March 23, 2016

Research shows

One in five adults and children suffer from anxiety and depression. This is more prevalent than ADHD, drug use, or any other mental health problem.
Only 5% of cases receive intervention! ( Andrews, 2005 )

Anxiety and depressive disorders make up 60% of school and work difficulties ( Andrews 2005 )
New Zealand communities have one of the highest rates of bullying, mental health issues, youth suicide and family violence.

“Children who are emotionally and socially skilled are more successful at school.”
– (Durlak et al., 2011)

“ Children who are emotionally and socially skilled relate better to other children, teachers and parents. They are more competent in dealing with stress and school work.”
– (Aber, Jones & Cohen, 2000)

“Children that have learnt empathy, emotional and social competence show significantly less behavioural problems at school, even if they are in adverse life circumstances.”
– (Caprara et al., 2000)

CHILDREN 1st Charitable Trust is committed to work with young children and parents to help prevent the increase of mental health issues and violence in the family and in our community. This will in turn help reduce the huge financial cost for society if these young people are given the support they need and so deserve.