March 23, 2016


CHILDREN 1st provides Resilience programmes in Wapia and Waikato schools for children aged 5 – 13 years, primarily free of charge.

All programmes are run by Registered teachers who are trained and experienced facilitators.

Children will benefit from gaining confidence, resilience, self-esteem, empathy, social skills, building friendships by bringing in an external programme.

The expected benefits/outcomes of this programme are that the young people participating will:

    • Understand emotions in themselves and others.
    • Become more emotionally and mentally resilient by independently using the strategies they have learnt to cope with the feelings of fear, worry and anxiety.
    • Develop greater confidence and self-esteem.
    • Have the skills to be able to change their negative thinking into positive thoughts and to feel good.
    • Have strategies to problem solve and how to manage difficulties, conflicts, bullying and peer pressure.
    • A reduction of bullying.
    • Have the courage to try new things.
    • Develop greater empathy and self-control.
    • Develop positive peer relationships, friendships and support teams.
    • Have the skills and strategies to not only help themselves but also their friends, siblings and future generations.
    • Parents will learn strategies to help themselves cope better will the challenges of daily life.
    • Parents learn positive parenting strategies and how to best support their child and implement the skills taught into their family. This improves the chances of their child learning effective resilience coping skills and using these in real life within the context of the family, community and school friendships.
    • Children will be encouraged to give back to their whanau, school and community. This improves their self-worth and gives them an opportunity to give a positive contribution to society.

Evaluation of Programme
At this time there is predominately anecdotal evidence gathered pre and post the programme.
Any written information shared with the facilitator may be used to promote the programme and to obtain funding, with parental permission.

We value the financial support we receive from our funders and donors, which enables us to provide these programmes to our community.

A special thanks to:

    • Pub Charity
    • Grassroots Trust
    • Trust Waikato
    • Len Reynolds Trust
    • COGS
    • Cambridge Rotary
    • Lottery
    • Tindall Foundation
    • Waipa District Council
    • Jumble Around
    • Altrusa Cambridge
    • Fresh Choice Leamington
    • K.A. Boyd
    • Frozen Funds
    • DV Bryant