March 8, 2018

Owen Corlett

My Name is Owen Corlett
I am the Principal of Lichfield School, in the South Waikato. I have been involved in educating children for over 16 years and have held a range of teaching and leadership positions over this period.

I live in rural Waikato with my wife and three children (2 adult age and 1 school age). My youngest child has in the past, benefited from being involved in one of the programmes that the Children 1st Charitable Trust runs, and so I know first-hand how valuable and important these programmes are.

In my daily work, I have seen how significant the need is for children to be able to develop coping skills and strategies for an ever-changing world. The development of resilience, confidence and a healthy self-esteem is vital, if our children are to be successful members of our community and society.

I am the current chairperson of the Children 1st Charitable Trust and it is an honour for me to have the opportunity to be involved within the trust; knowing that the work we do, will benefit other families just like mine.

“Titoki mai te whenua ki te rangi. Ko nga rau o te rakau, he marumaru mo te iwi. Ko nga pukupuku o te rakau hei oranga mo te hinengaro, mo te tinana, mo te whanau me te wairua”.

The titoki tree grows out of the earth towards the sky. It shelters the seedlings below with its leaves and knotty trunk. So we look to a strengthened and enduring structure to invigorate our people, stimulate their intellectual and spiritual imagination and sustain the wellbeing of our families.